Enforcement Division

Utah County Sheriff's Office

Welcome to the Enforcement Division

The Enforcement Division is responsible for the delivery of those services traditionally associated with police operations. It is composed of two bureaus responsible for all Patrol, Investigations, and other specialized duties. The Division provides service to the unincorporated areas of the county as well as multiple recreation and canyon areas. The Division also serves seven municipalities that contract with the Sheriff’s Office for their law enforcement services.

The Enforcement Division's purpose is to serve and protect the citizens of Utah County by responsibly enforcing the laws. Deputies receive extensive training, not only in being extremely competent in police skills, but also in conducting themselves in a professional manner that fosters a good harmonious relationship with the community. We understand that to be truly effective public servants we must have the help and cooperation from citizens who know their community and neighborhoods better than anyone. By earning the citizens trust, we can work together in a corroborative effort that will allow all of us to live in a safer, more peaceful, community.

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