Utah County Sheriff's Office


The Utah County Sheriff’s Office Records Office is located on the Northeast side of the correction facility. Please use the link below to request the following:

  • Copies of Utah County Sheriff case reports, DI-9 accident reports, photographs, recordings, and other sheriff records
  • Records checks of Utah County Sheriff’s Office involvements for applicants seeking employment with organizations that require this information (law enforcement, military, etc.) (a signed authorization is required)

GRAMA Request Information

Please note most records are classified as private, protected, or controlled in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and ordinances. Photo ID will be required before any requested records are released.

Most reports are $5.00 each, additional items or media may cost extra. When video footage is available, that has been requested and releasable, we do charge a fee that is in compliance with Utah State GRAMA Laws. Utah Code § 63G-2-203(1).

You may use the GRAMA Request, if you wish. Be as specific as possible in identifying which records you wish to receive.

Utah’s GRAMA law allows ten business days for response, except in extraordinary circumstances.