Utah County Sheriff's Office


The Firearms staff is tasked with conducting quality firearms related training for over 300 sworn deputies; maintaining and improving the Utah County Sheriff’s Office Thistle Firing Range, and hosting the firearms training and activities of more than 30 private, City, State and Federal entities. The Firearms staff also supports safe gun handling and public education by partnering with several non-profit private groups who teach and promote gun safety and shooting sports.

The Range will be open for the 2023 year beginning on June 23rd

Call 801-851-4370 for up-to-date recorded information

Public Range Days:

Fridays 5:00 p.m. till dusk (Until October 13th) 

Saturdays: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

***The gate will close for new entries 30 minutes prior to closing time***

***The range will not be open on Fridays after October 13th***

Range Closed On:

Range Closure: October 7th

Range Closure: November 4th

* Range may be closed without notice on dates not listed. Please call 801-851-4370 for up-to-date Range information.

Range access is free but shooters must sign a waver at the office and provide their own eye and ear protection as well as paper or cardboard targets.

The Firearms Staff

  • Consists of two full time instructor/armorers, and 30 adjunct instructors.
  • Scheduled 262 training events during the last calendar year.
  • Schedules and hosts the training of 28 additional law enforcement agencies.
  • Partners with several private non-profit firearms training groups including: Hunter Safety, Boy Scouts of America, Action Target, Women in the Outdoors, Wildlife Turkey Federation and the Wasatch Mountain Shooters Association. (I.D.P.A.)