Utah County Sheriff's Office

Welcome to the Support Services Division

The Support Services Division consists of four distinct bureaus, the Judicial - Courts Bureau, The Emergency Services Bureau, the Judicial Support Bureau and the Wild Land Fire Bureau. Each Bureau is unique and has very separate and special duties which support the Sheriff’s Office and serve the citizens of Utah County.

Judicial-Courts Bureau

The District Court Bureau is responsible for court security in three different locations in Utah County, the Spanish Fork District Court, Provo 4th District Court, and American Fork District Court. Deputies are responsible for all aspects of court security, bailiff, and facility security.

Emergency Services Bureau

The Emergency Service Bureau has several responsibilities that include several volunteer programs that assist the Sheriff’s Office with all types of emergency situations. The Bureau consists of six primary units, the Bomb Squad, Mounted Posse, ECS Team, TERT, Search and Rescue, and Emergency Management.

Judicial Support Bureau

The Judicial Support Bureau is responsible for providing security at the Utah County Justice Court and for all the Utah County office buildings in the Provo complex. The Civil Office is responsible for serving civil processes and paperwork, conducting evictions and Sheriff sales. The Fugitive Investigations / Extraditions Team focusses on locating and arresting individuals who have active arrest warrants within Utah County. Additionally, they coordinate with jurisdictions outside of Utah to return felony fugitives who are wanted in Utah County. The Utah County Probation Team (UCP) provides individualized in-community supervision services to non-violent, drug involved offenders residing in Utah County. The Judicial Support Bureau also facilitates supplemental security services for events held in County owned buildings in the Provo complex or on their grounds.

Utah County Fire Department

The Utah County Fire Department is responsible for Wild Land Fires in Utah County areas. This Bureau also has units that travel out of state to assist other jurisdictions with Wild Land Fires.

Support Services Bureaus