Utah County Sheriff's Office

Found / Recovered Property | Updated April 13, 2021

Notice - The Utah County Sheriff's Office has the following items as Found/Recovered Property. Contact us at 801-851-4014 to identify the item:

  • Firearm belonging to Kelly Hessheimer; 13MC00080.
  • Electronics belonging to Jason Wilde; 15MC00150.
  • Firearm belonging to Marco Valdez; 15MC00459.
  • Firearm belonging to Stacy Griffin; 15MC00459.
  • Firearm belonging to Twila Burham; 15MC00840.
  • Bag belonging to Elijah Folks; 18TA07.
  • Backpack belonging to Richard Bultez; 19TA56.
  • Backpack belonging to Travis Neerings; 19TA16.
  • Backpack belonging to Vance Moody; 21TA14.
  • Electronics belonging to Glade Kuhni; 15UC09365.
  • Identification belonging to William Long; 15UC10346.
  • Bicycle and Bag belonging Andew Glahe; 17UC09396.
  • Bicycle located in Vineyard; 19UC09473.
  • Bicycle located in Springville; 20UC07690.
  • Wallet belonging to Ryan Jones; 21UC00415.
  • Airsoft rifle belonging to Isaac Owens; 21UC00571.
  • Book located in Eagle Mountain; 21UC01753.
  • Wallet belonging to Amanda Calmo; 21UC01854.
  • License Plate belonging to Sergio Horta-Rodriguez; 21UC01868.
  • Watch located in Eagle Mountain; 21UC02020.
  • Keys located in Provo Canyon; 21UC02114.
  • Identification belonging to Aaron LaPlant; 21UC02180.
  • Currency located in Vineyard; 21UC02446.
  • Credit cards located in Vineyard; 21UC02823.
  • Fishing poles located in Vineyard; 21UC02858.
  • Cellphone located in Diamond Fork; 21UC03499.
  • Bicycles located in Provo; 21UC03607.