Utah County Sheriff's Office

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)

The Global Positioning Satellite(GPS) Monitoring Program, supervised by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, allows inmates to be tracked outside of secure confinement by ankle monitors that are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The GPS program is very different from secure incarceration and there are very strict guidelines placed upon those inmates participating in the program. Inmates must first be approved for the privilege of participation by their sentencing judge. Inmates are then screened for suitability based on their current charges, criminal history and documented behavior while in the jail. These inmates are scrutinized closely to protect the public and deputies while the inmates are on the program.

Inmates in the program are required to adhere to strict rules governing their movement as well as the times they are allowed to be at work and when they must return home. That information is entered by the deputies and monitored via a monitoring center that communicates directly with the deputies who are in charge of these inmates. Any rule violations are dealt with promptly by the deputies and inmates who violate program rules are often returned to the secure portion of the jail for the remainder of their sentence.

Inmates are required to work full-time while in the program and are also required to attend some form of personal programming each week. Inmates must pay programming fees each week which help to offset the cost of the monitoring and the costs associated with having full-time deputies from the Sheriff’s Office supervise them. These deputies enforce compliance with strict program rules by conducting weekly home visits where urine and breath samples are taken to assure the inmates are not using drugs or alcohol. Inmates are also required to attend a weekly GPS meeting where general life skills related topics are taught by a certified instructor.

The Sheriff’s Office feels that by requiring inmates to submit to a regimented, closely supervised form of sentencing, it allows the inmates to serve out their required jail sentence while maintaining their full-time jobs and supporting their families. All of the rules and requirements placed upon the inmates are done so with the overall goal of helping the inmates leave the program as better human beings than they were when they entered.


An initial fee of $170.00 is due at the time of orientation when beginning the GPS program. ($30.00 is refundable IF ALL equipment is returned in good working order when released from the program. Equipment condition is determined by the supervising deputy.) This will cover the first two weeks of GPS Monitoring and your $30.00 charger deposit.

The cost of participating in the program is $70.00 per week. This fee is collected weekly or biweekly. Payment date will be determined by supervising deputy.

Payment must be made by cashiers check or money order only. NO personal checks will be accepted.

If you are court ordered to provide a DNA sample, an additional cashiers check/money order in the amount of $150.00, made out to the "Utah County Jail", is due prior to completion of the program. Payment date will be determined by the supervising deputy.

Please print and completely fill out the "GPS Application" and "GPS Instruction" form. Bring these completed forms with you to sign up for the GPS program and also to the required orientation. After reading through the forms, if you have additional questions, please contact Brianne at 801-851-4277 or at briannec@utahcounty.gov or Sergeant Sgt. Andrew Stewart at 801-851-4212 or at AndrewS@utahcounty.gov.