Utah County Sheriff's Office

Internal Affairs - Police Conduct Unit

It has always been my firm belief that policing is one of America’s most noble professions. The actions of any police officer, in an instant, can impact an individual for life, and even a community for generations. Given this realization, every police officer must be centered on what is important. Service, justice, and fundamental fairness–these are the foundational principles in which every police action must be grounded. The nobility of policing demands the noblest of character.

Dr. Stephen R. Covey

The Internal Affairs Police Conduct Unit is part of the Administrative Services Division (ASD) of the Sheriff’s Office. Because of the sensitive nature of their responsibilities, investigators report directly to the Sheriff or Under Sheriff regarding internal matters. This unit was established for the purpose of investigating allegations of misconduct, including harassment and/or discrimination whether on or off duty, by members of the Sheriff’s Office. All formal internal investigations are authorized by the Sheriff.