Utah County Sheriff's Office

Jeep Patrol | Volunteers in Police Servives (VIPS)

The Utah County Sheriff's Office is a proud sponsor of the VIPS, a nationally recognized program which is committed to developing a spirit of cooperation and partnership with the community. In conjunction with the Utah County Sheriff Jeep Patrol we recruit, train, and retain talented volunteers who will be encouraged to participate in meaningful community safety, security, and service programs, in addition to emergency response situations.


We are pledged to the recruitment, orientation, and retention of talented volunteers who are encouraged to develop their skills in a work environment which fosters their participation in meaningful community safety and security programs and to respond to emergency response situations.


The program will be continually evaluated on its ability to accomplish the following:

  • Provide additional resources for the Sheriff’s Office, thus enabling expansion of services without significant cost increases.
  • Promote community awareness and acceptance of the VIPS program as a viable and important community relations tool and service organization.
  • Provide an increased level of community involvement in public safety related matters.
  • Maintain the high standard, quality of life in our community.

Applicant Requirements

  • Shall be at least 21 years of age.
  • Live, work, own property and have an interest in the Utah County Public Safety.
  • Complete a Jeep Patrol, application which will be the basis for a Police background investigation.
  • Pass a Police background check.
  • Complete our training course and field training program.
  • Recommended volunteer hours are 8 per month.
  • Abide by the by-laws of the Utah County Sheriff Jeep Patrol.

Program Description

The Utah County Sheriff’s Department has a well trained, Professional, VIPS Program. The Utah County Sheriff Jeep Patrol, VIPS members, are all volunteers and are sworn to uphold the law and help law enforcement personnel in any way they can or are asked, through the Sheriff’s Office, Patrol Division. Members must submit a detailed application, pass a criminal background check, and pass an interview process. A minimum of 8 hours of volunteer service time is required each month as is a minimum of training hours. Attendance at regular monthly meetings is mandatory in order to help keep the group organized, trained, and focused on their roles.

The reward for participating in the Jeep Patrol, VIPS program is personal satisfaction derived from helping those in need as well as the camaraderie with others in the Jeep Patrol and within the Sheriffs’s Office.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Jeep Patrol volunteers work out in the community in VIPS vehicles, or their own volunteer vehicles along side sworn officers. Among the various service duties the volunteers perform are:

  • Directing traffic at accident scenes
  • Removal of debris in roadways
  • Waiting for wrecker on impounds and accidents
  • Shuttling paperwork, keys, equipment, etc.
  • Assisting with lost or missing children and the elderly
  • Recovery of found property (bikes or other types on request)
  • VIN (vehicle identification number) verification checks
  • Vacation checks, extra patrol of designated areas
  • Field Emergency Triage and Food Preparation
  • Fund raising programs
  • Taking of minor calls for service with citizens for:
    • Mororist assist calls
    • Stalled vehicles
    • Shuttles of stranded motorists
    • Welfare checks on elderly citizens
  • Other duties as assigned by the Sheriff's office

Volunteers are not utilized to replace sworn or other paid positions within the Sheriff’s Office, but rather to enhance the overall efficiency of the agency to assist the public and to reduce and solve crime.