Utah County Sheriff's Office

Investigations Unit

This unit is a section of the Investigations Bureau. It consists of personnel who are dedicated and committed to serving the citizens of Utah County and is a support to other law enforcement agencies within Utah.

The Investigations unit is responsible for investigating crimes against persons and property in unincorporated Utah County and in the contract cities. Detectives within this Unit are trained to investigate a wide range of crimes, including death investigations, robbery, assaults, theft, burglary, fraud, vandalism, juvenile offenses, and missing persons. They also receive advanced training respective to their individual case assignments including homicide investigations, financial investigations, electronic surveillance, deception analysis, and interview and interrogation.

These detectives spend many hours following up on information, pursuing leads, conducting interviews, and solving crimes. They file cases against criminals and work in close cooperation with the Utah County Attorney’s Office for successful prosecution.

Additional Links

Suicide Prevention

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, this link will provide you with information and resources that can help. Every life is important! If you are considering suicide, we would ask you to reach out for help, each one of us has someone that cares about us and will be impacted if they lose us.

Reporting A Crime

If you need to report a crime, click on this link or call 801-794-3970, the dispatcher will confirm who the appropriate agency is and have an officer/deputy contact you. If you have a case that you feel a detective needs to get involved with, this initial report is necessary.


This link is to report crimes in areas and cities the Utah County Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement for. For other cities/areas contact Utah Valley Dispatch at 801-794-3970.

Records Request

If you need a copy of a report or other records from Utah County Sheriff’s Office, this link will provide you with information on how to request the records.