Utah County Sheriff's Office

Emergency Management Bureau

Utah County Emergency Management’s primary focus is to save lives, protect property, fortify critical infrastructure, and minimize negative effects to the environment in the event of a disaster. These goals are achieved through the development, implementation, and exercise of a comprehensive emergency management plan (CEMP) which emphasizes timely and efficient mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery actions. We coordinate with local municipalities as well as regional and state partners in planning, resource management, emergency response, and recovery actions.

Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated to assist in the coordination and support of on-scene operations during large scale and other incidents. EOC staff and partners provide planning, logistical support, and other key information to local incident command in order to facilitate safe and efficient response actions. The EOC is currently activated to assist in the COVID-19 Pandemic response.

Logistics / Resources / PPE Distribution

Utah County Emergency Management maintains a number of resources to aid in various response activities. These resources have been used in many applications including drive-thru vaccination clinics, power generation in emergency circumstances, response to wildfire and debris flows, and more. In conjunction with the Utah County Health Department we also operate a PPE distribution facility which serves qualifying entities throughout the County.

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