Utah County Sheriff's Office


The mission of the Utah County Sherriff's Office is to professionally and effectively meet it’s delegated and statutory responsibilities. To do so, the office is organized to provide quality protection and service to the citizens of Utah County in a cost effective manner. Integrity, impartiality, courtesy, friendliness, fairness and honesty are some of the main characteristics to be developed and utilized in fulfilling our mission.

The Patrol Division is the foundation upon which the Enforcement Bureau of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office is built. It is where the enforcement of laws and the maintaining of order and public safety begins. It is our mission to maintain the great quality of life we enjoy in Utah County for it’s citizens and visitors. Patrol Deputies perform a variety of services to the community and are the first line of defense against criminal activity.

What We Do

The Utah County Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement services to the unincorporated areas of Utah County and contract cities, as well as co-operative support services to local, state and federal law-enforcement agencies and organizations. Patrol Deputies take initial reports on all crimes investigated by the Sheriff’s Office including everything from citizen contacts, investigating traffic accidents to responding on high risk crimes in progress calls such as aggravated assaults or homicides. They are also responsible for the pro-active enforcement of all drug, alcohol, and traffic violations. Other duties fulfilled by Patrol Deputies include Community Oriented Policing (C.O.P.) programs to the public which include radKids, D.A.R.E., Neighborhood Watch, and Public Safety Fairs.

How You Can Help

Providing all of these services require deputies who are properly trained and well equipped. More importantly, we need the public’s help and support in accomplishing our mission. This must be a team effort. Specifically, all citizens can do their part and commit to obey the law and educate themselves on the many safety and crime prevention tips out there. Lastly, we need your input with how we can better serve you and help keep our neighborhoods peaceful and safe. Please feel free to call anytime with any feedback, questions, comments, or concerns.

Patrol Divisions