Utah County Sheriff's Office


The Utah County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Bureau consists of personnel who are dedicated and committed to serving the citizens of Utah County and bringing individuals who commit crimes to justice. The Bureau includes general Investigations, the Special Victims Unit (SVU) including Victim Advocates, the Special Enforcement Team (SET), and Evidence - Forensics and Crime Lab. Detectives from the Investigations Bureau are participating members of the Utah County Major Crimes Task Force and the Utah Valley Special Victims Task Force.

All personnel assigned to the Investigations Bureau receive specialized training in areas such as burglary, theft, fraud, arson, death investigations, assaults, sex crimes, child abuse, drug investigations and other crimes against persons and/or property. The Investigations Bureau utilizes multiple resources and technology to perform a thorough investigation of assigned cases. Proactive efforts are also conducted to locate those who commit crime related to drugs, theft and internet crimes.

The main goal of the of the Investigations Bureau is to effectively support the mission of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office and represent the victims of crimes in seeking truth, justice, and the successful prosecution of those committing crimes in Utah County.

For further information related to services provided by the Investigations Bureau, please refer to the specific sections on this website.

Investigations Divisions