Utah County Sheriff's Office

Claiming Property

An appointment must be made to claim property. To schedule an appointment, contact the Utah County Sheriff’s Office Evidence Custodian at 801-851-4014 or fill out this form.

*You MUST provide photo identification to claim property.*

To claim property held as evidence:

  • 1) The case must be closed.
  • 2) The property is no longer needed as evidence.
  • 3) The assigned deputy or detective must authorize the release.
  • 4) Owner must claim within 14 days of notification.

To claim safekeeping items:

  • Items must be claimed by owner or designee within 90 days of the date of notice.

To claim found property:

  • Owner must prove ownership.

For any other property related questions, please contact evidence@utahcounty.gov or 801-851-4014.