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Timpanogos Emergency Response Team - (TERT)

Timpanogos Emergency Response Team


The Timpanogos Emergency Response Team (TERT) was formed in 1983. The organization was started in part to three fatal hiking accidents which occurred during the summer of 1982. The team is a volunteer organization which is overseen by the Utah County Sheriff's Office and the U.S. Department of Forestry.

Team | Mission

TERT is an all citizen volunteer team and during a standard year there are approximately 150 members. The team operates every weekend between late June and September. Friday through Sunday evenings the team is on the mountain. On the weekends the team stations radio operators at the Aspen Grove and Timpooneke trail heads. These members not only provide a vital communication link, they also assist by providing trail information to hikers.

The High Camp Team consists of a team leader, medical personnel, radio operators and others. This team spends the weekend camped at High Camp, which is near Emerald Lake. TERT fills a vital role in safety on Mount Timpanogos each year. The High Camp Team provides minor first aid treatment to hikers in need and also acts as a 'first response' gaining victim information and location to more serious accidents to which Search and Rescue responds.

As a credit to this team of dedicated volunteers, it should be mentioned that since the organization of the team in 1983 there has not been a fatal accident on Timpanogos during the operational times of the team.

If you are interested in learning more about this outstanding team of volunteers and how to join, please visit the TERT website at http://www.tert.org.

It is a privilege to serve with this dedicated group of volunteers that makes up the TERTeam. We at the Utah County Sheriff's Office greatly appreciate their dedication, sacrifice and hard work.