Utah County Sheriff's Office

Transportation Bureau

The Utah County Jail Transportation Bureau is responsible for the physical transportation of inmates to and from their daily scheduled court and medical appointments. Our goal is that each transport is conducted in as safe, secure, timely and professional a manner as possible. The Transportation Bureau currently consists of a Sergeant, ten Deputies and a secretary working under the direction of a Lieutenant and Chief Deputy.

The Sheriff’s Office currently transports inmates to the 4th District Courts in Provo and American Fork as well as the Utah County Justice Court in Provo and the four Juvenile Courts in American Fork, Orem, Provo and Spanish Fork. We also transport inmates who have been sentenced to the State Prison and pick up inmates from other county jails within Utah who have scheduled hearings at the previously listed courts.

In addition to the regular transports we conduct, we also supervise a video arraignment program. This program allows certain inmates to have their court hearings conducted either over a closed circuit television network or the internet. Using this technology is a huge asset as it allows us to meet our requirement of having the inmates appear for their hearings while using less manpower and is also much more secure as the inmates never leave the security of the jail.

As the population of the jail rises, the number of transports needed also rises. It is estimated that within the next year, we will transport in excess of 12,000 inmates to their needed appointments.