Utah County Sheriff's Office

Support Services Bureau

We will meet our responsibilities with fairness, integrity, honesty, accuracy and courtesy. We will provide efficient, quality and timely service. Our emphasis will be on cooperation, teamwork, honesty and sharing of information within our work environment.

The Support Services Bureau provides services to meet a wide variety of needs within the detention facilities of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. From transportation to meal preparation to the management of an inmate’s monies, the Support Services Bureau has personnel who are dedicated to the health, safety, and welfare of those inmates who are committed to the custody of the Sheriff.

The Transportation Bureau has the responsibility of transporting between 700-800 prisoners to:

  • 3 District Courts
  • 4 Juvenile Courts
  • 2 Municipal Courts
  • 2 Justice of the Peace Courts
Hospital and/or Medical facilities
  • Utah Valley Hospital
  • Timpanogos Hospital
  • Insta-Care facilities
  • Numerous other Doctors Offices throughout Utah County


The Classification Bureau has the responsibility of providing safe and secure housing for each inmate, and to provide those programs that would maximize the opportunities that each inmate has for rehabilitation.

Disciplinary/ Grievance Section

The Disciplinary Plan is a management tool providing:

  • A means of governing the conduct of inmates;
  • A clear and exclusive procedures for staff members to follow for the discipline of inmates; and,
  • The firm, fair and consistent application of rules and regulations.

The Grievance Plan is an administrative means for the resolution of inmate grievances.


The Utah County Jail kitchen provides approximately 3,500 meals a day. These meals are prepared by inmates under the direction of 9 full time and three part time staff. The kitchen provides meals to:

  • 942 to 1,020 Inmates at the County Jail
  • Foothills Treatment Center
  • Meals on Wheels