Inmate Services

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Personal Mail

Effective September 25, 2023, all personal mail received at the Utah County Jail will be digitally scanned and delivered to inmates electronically. Inmates will be able to view their mail through their tablet or one of the kiosks available in their housing unit. Original paper copies of letters, cards, and pictures will be placed on the inmate’s property and returned to them upon their release.

All mail must be addressed in the following manner:
First & Last Name
Booking Number
Utah County Jail
3075 N Main St
Spanish Fork, Ut 84660

A return name and address must also be placed on the envelope. Failure to properly address the envelope will result in the mail being returned to the sender.

We will continue to accept and deliver legal mail and new soft cover books sent directly from the publisher or a bookstore.


Commissary will be provided to allow inmates to purchase writing materials, stamped envelopes, personal items and small food items not provided by the facility. Commissary items may vary based upon housing unit restrictions and classifications.*

Related Links: - allows you to pick approved items for purchase and delivery to inmates.You may also deposit money to an inmate's commissary account so they may make food purchases for themselves.* - Securus Technologies is the inmate phone and visitation service provider serving Utah County. Please visit our website to set up your phone account, and fund your incarcerated loved ones debit account. Using our website is the quickest and easiest way to manage your account. Please visit to schedule a video visit with your loved ones.

*Please Note: By Utah County Jail policy, an inmate may not order commissary items if he/she owes unpaid jail fees. All or part of any money deposited into an inmate account will be applied to outstanding jail fees until their debt is paid in full and before the inmate may order commissary items. This does not apply to accounts that have been sent to collections. However, despite an inmate's debt, you may order basic hygiene items and stationary directly from the jail commissary provider at 866-394-0490 or

The Securus website and kiosk CAN NOT be used to make deposits to commissary accounts.
Inmate Telephone Access

Utah County Jail inmates will have reasonable and equitable access to telephones to maintain contact with the courts, legal representatives, families and friends.

Prepaid Telephone Accounts:

To accept calls from an inmate, we recommend you create a prepaid telephone account. Prepaid calling works by placing money on your phone number so that when your inmate calls you the funds are deducted from the balance on your prepaid account. In addition, you may fund your incarcerated loved ones debit account. The Debit account allows the incarcerated individual to pa for the call out of the debit funds and call any number they are authorize to call. Please visit

To set up or fund a prepaid account, you have three options:

Web - visit to create a prepaid telephone account, add funds to prepaid telephone accounts, add funds to a debit account, view balances, schedule visitation and more.

Phone - 1-800-844-6591 to create or add funds to a prepaid telephone and debit account.

USPS Contact Phone Charges (As of 03/03/2021)
Mail - Payments
Securus Correctional Billing Services
PO Box 650757
Dallas, TX 75265-0757
All Calls:
Flat rate of 21 cents per minute.
Securus Correctional Billing Services
PO Box 1109
Addison, TX 75001
Religious Access and Services

Religious services and programs representative of the major faiths and religious groups within the community will be given the opportunity to provide services within the Jail. Inmates will be allowed regulated access to clergy, religious services, and religious reading materials based upon acceptable behavior and classification.

Inmate Reading Material

Reading material will be available to all inmates including those in special management units unless restricted for the safety and security of staff and inmates. Reading materials are provided for inmate recreation and information and will include educational, reference, religious and leisure reading material.

New, soft cover books, may be received by inmates if sent directly from a publisher, bookclub, or book vendor (including internet vendors). Inmates may retain no more than 6 (six) books in their cells at any given time.

Passive Leisure Activities

Leisure activities will be provided to inmates to reduce inmate idle time and help ensure order and discipline within the Jail. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, reading materials, cards, board games, television and radio.

Hair Care

Hair care services will be made available to all inmates to enable them to maintain acceptable grooming standards and appearance.

Inmate Marriage

The Utah County Jail discourages inmates from attempting to marry while incarcerated except where there may be special circumstances. The Jail does not allow marriages between two inmates under any circumstances for safety and security reasons.

Working Inmates

As many inmates as possible will be given the opportunity to work based upon their classification and the needs of the facility. Qualified inmates will be assigned to meaningful work assignments consistent with their ability, interest, medical status, and the needs of the facility.

On-Unit Treatment (OUT Program)

An on-unit substance abuse treatment program will be implemented within the jail to provide intensive treatment to inmates.

Adult Education Program

Adult education classes will be offered to inmates to provide them with the opportunity to improve their educational level during incarceration. Educational programs are voluntary, however, inmates are strongly encouraged to participate.