Utah County Sheriff's Office

Housing Bureau

The mission of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office Housing Bureau is to serve the members of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office and all citizens of Utah County by professionally housing individuals awaiting court hearings or those individuals sentenced to be incarcerated. The Utah County Jail will protect the public by providing a secure, humane environment for the incarceration of those persons accused or convicted of violating the law.

It is the philosophy of the Sheriff and his staff that:

  1. Incarceration is punishment, in and of itself.
  2. All inmates and staff will be held accountable for their actions.

To meet the standards set forth in the mission statement, the Utah County Jail will:

  1. Create a positive atmosphere and environment where inmates have the opportunity to learn and change in preparation for reintegration into society;
  2. Employ qualified, professional staff, and provide them with continuous training; and
  3. Provide cost effective inmate programming covering a variety of critical issues which affect the occurrence of crime.

Additionally, the Housing Bureau staff will provide those individuals incarcerated in jail the tools to enter back into society and become a productive member of the community. This is done through programs, direction, consistency and consequences. We will strive to serve the Sheriff’s Office with high performance, dignity, honesty and integrity.

The Utah County Jail Housing Bureau utilizes direct supervision of inmates and strives to correct behavior and actions before returning incarcerated individuals back into society.

The principles of direct supervision are:

  • Effective Control
  • Effective Supervision
  • Competent Staff
  • Safety of Staff and Inmates
  • Manageable and Cost Effective
  • Effective Communication
  • Classification and Orientation
  • Justice and Fairness
  • Ownership

Direct Supervision is based primarily upon an individual’s behavior and compliance with established rules within the jail institution. Privileges can be earned based on an individual’s compliance with jail rules and expectations.

The facility's average daily population of pre-sentenced and sentenced inmates is approximately 942, with security levels ranging from low too high. The Utah County Jail has a current total capacity to house 1092 inmates. The inmate housing area consists of seven housing units for female inmates and fifteen housing units for male inmates. All Housing units consist of concrete modules consisting of dormitory style living quarters or cell style living quarters. Each housing area has access to an exercise yard.

The Utah County Jail offers inmates access to inmate phone services, religious services, school programs, substance abuse meetings, medical services, inmate services, canteen/commissary services and visitation.

The Utah County Jail Housing Bureau consists of two Lieutenants, eight Sergeants, eighty two Deputies and fourteen civilian staff with an annual operational budget of approximately eight million seven hundred thousand dollars.