Utah County Sheriff's Office

Detention Response Team (DRT)

Detention Response Team 2018

It is the mission of the members of the DRT team to control and quell inmate disturbances, rescue hostages, retake affected areas of the institution and to restore order in emergency situations or any other operation where the employment of their special skills is appropriate.

The general philosophy of the DRT is based on team participation and group effort. The team was developed after thorough discussions and screening procedures. The team considered all of the significant disturbances that could affect the future of the jail.

Throughout the training and planning sessions, collected material and data was analyzed, new information was presented on the team’s unique challenges and opportunities, and techniques were employed to help the DRT members understand their alternatives in arriving at an optimal decision concerning disturbance situations.

In addition, key personnel from other detention centers, jails and correctional institutions were contacted and their opinions sought out. All of this information was used in the development of the Detention Response Team and in the Jail Disturbance Control Plan.