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UCAP Supervision Overview

Utah County Alternative Probation works to help each participant achieve success in fighting addiction, securing gainful employment, completing education goals, preventing further criminal activity, and attaining the proper tools or skills needed for self-sufficiency.

UCAP Assessment

Following a review of each participant’s case and criminal history, UCAP staff conduct individual interviews using the ORAS-CST risk and needs assessment. Information obtained through this process help determine the requirements and restrictions participants need to follow. These conditions are specifically designed to address risk factors identified during the UCAP assessment process.

Some requirements may include a curfew, regular check-ins that involve scheduled appointments, simple phone calls or text messages, as well as home and field visits, by UCAP deputies. Some aspects of supervision requirements may be excused, altered, or have exceptions granted at the discretion of UCAP staff. As participants succeed in the UCAP program, required treatment and program obligations decrease.


Communication is key to success in the UCAP program. Keeping in regular contact with UCAP staff, deputies, and the Wasatch Behavioral Health case manager, greatly increases each participant’s successful completion of the Utah County Alternative Probation program.

Within 24 hours participants must report any address, phone number, or employment change.

Within 72 hours participants must report to UCAP staff any contact with law enforcement, for any arrest, citation, or charge for an alleged violation of law.

Travel must be approved, in advance, by UCAP staff. Extended or out-of-state trips require participants to UA prior to leaving and the day after returning. Travel due to an emergency will be reviewed on a case by case basis. **Travel will not be restricted due to unpaid treatment or supervision fees.


Participants may not associate with or “hang out with” any person who is using or in possession of any illegal controlled substance, alcohol, or otherwise restricted substance. Participants may not be in any type of bar setting, tavern, club, or other venue where alcohol is the chief item of sale. Permission must be obtained to attend a specific function that may sell alcohol.

If personal associations appear to have a negative impact on recovery and progress in the program, further review by UCAP staff, and discussions with the participant, may require additional restrictions.

If you have an emergency, please call 911

For Mental Health emergencies call
Utah State CrisisLine (800) 273-TALK (8255)
24 hours a day / 7 days a week