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UCAP Incentives & Sanctions

The road to success may not be easy and may have setbacks, but staff at Utah County Alternative Probation and Wasatch Behavioral Health work hand in hand with participants as they undertake this new challenge.

The Matrix

Incentives and sanctions have been built into the UCAP program to encourage progress, correct mistakes, and reward hard work. Applying the participants risk level, determined in part by the ORAS-CST assessment, UCAP staff use the Incentive & Sanction Matrix (The Matrix) to address the participants achievement or misstep.

UCAP works to tailor incentives that will benefit each participant’s efforts. It is also the practice of UCAP staff to assign supervision and/or treatment adjustments first, rather than jail time. However, jail time may be necessary to encourage compliance with UCAP rules, requirements, and the conditions of court ordered probation.

Guidelines provided in The Matrix are adapted to each situation, according to the risk level and needs of the participant. The Matrix provides transparency that allows participants to know in advance, what consequences will follow mistakes as well as what rewards can be earned through great and small achievements.

Our goal is to help participants succeed in the UCAP program, better their life, learn to seek positive influences, and build upon these skills as they move forward in life. An individual’s resolve to stick to probation rules and comply with treatment, will not only help them complete the UCAP program, it will help them learn to make positive life changes.

Please note:

ANY violence and/or threat of violence to a staff member of UCAP, Wasatch Behavioral Health, treatment staff, other treatment participants, or members of the public will mandate a submission for an Arrest Warrant and an Order to Show Cause, requesting immediate termination from the program, due to the risk to public safety.

If you have an emergency, please call 911

For Mental Health emergencies call
Utah State CrisisLine (800) 273-TALK (8255)
24 hours a day / 7 days a week