Utah County Sheriff's Office

Supplemental Security Services

The Judicial Support Bureau facilitates supplemental security services for events held in County owned buildings in the Provo complex and / or on their grounds.

Citizens wishing to utilize the Utah County Health and Justice Building, the Historic Courthouse, the Utah County Administration Building or their grounds for private events (ie. weddings, photo shoots, film events, festivals, etc.) may be required to contract with us to provide security for a given event.

While not all events held on County owned properties or in County owned buildings require an event permit, it is recommended to consult with the Utah County Public Works Department prior to holding an event and prior to arranging for security for an event. If a permit is required, Public Works will require a minimum of 30 days to process the permit application for approval. Information regarding event permits and the permit application form can be found at: http://www.utahcounty.gov/Dept/PubWrks/EventPermits.asp

To arrange for security services for an event, please contact Sgt. Robert Weidlein RobertWe@utahcounty.gov or Lt. Yvette Rice YvetteR@utahcounty.gov by email.

A copy of our “Agreement for Supplemental Security Services” form can be obtained by clicking on the button below. Keep in mind that an agreement for supplemental services must be approved by the Utah County Sheriff prior to the event being held. Consequently, our office requires a minimum of 10 days to process the request and arrange for adequate security coverage for your event.