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Utah County Sheriff’s Office currently provides law enforcement services for Elk Ridge City. Elk Ridge currently has over 2,500 residents in their City. Elk Ridge was incorporated in 1976. Residents of Elk Ridge and the Utah County Sheriff’s Office have always enjoyed a wonderful working relationship. Currently there is one deputy assigned specifically to Elk Ridge, though all of our South Region Deputies share in providing enforcement services.

Elk Ridge residents receive all services that the Utah County Sheriff’s Office offers. Some of these services include Patrol, Investigations, Special Victims Unit, Victim Advocates, SWAT, K9 and Emergency Services. A relatively new program, that has been met with great enthusiasm with residents, RAD Kids has been taught at the local elementary schools. This program has empowered children to protect themselves physically from would be aggressors. For more information regarding our programs please contact us at 801-851-4050.

The Sheriff’s Office and Elk Ridge are partnering to provide the most efficient and best services to our residents. Utah County Sheriff’s Office is honored to serve the residents of Elk Ridge.

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