Utah County Sheriff's Office

Pay to Stay Program

The Pay to Stay program started charging inmates on June 28, 2007. If an inmate was in the jail on 06/28/07, he would be charged for the whole stay. Pay to Stay charges would not apply to a prior stay in the jail before 06/28/07.


Inmates convicted on misdemeanor charges will be charged for the Pay to Stay fees.

Inmates convicted on felony charges only will not be charged with Pay to Stay fees.

Inmates brought in on warrants may be charged Pay to Stay fees.

When inmates are convicted on both felony and misdemeanor charges, they will not be charged if felony and misdemeanor charges run concurrent. If felony and misdemeanor charges run consecutive, inmates will be charged for those days held on misdemeanor charges only.

Inmates on INS, US Marshall, and AP&P holds are not charged with Pay to Stay.

Inmates that participate in the Jail Industries program, work in the kitchen, or are a laundry worker will not be charged for the days they are in the program. However, they will be charged for days spent in the jail prior to entering those programs and will be charged any days they remain in jail if they are removed from the program.

Inmates participating in the OUT program may have a reduction in Pay to Stay fees if they successfully complete the program during their stay.

Pod workers are charged with Pay to Stay. They do not actually work 8-10 hours per day like laundry or kitchen workers.


Upon release, an invoice may be printed at the time of release or one will be mailed to the inmate. Sometimes there is a delay in the Pay to Stay charges being added if the inmate still has court trials pending. The inmate is responsible after release to inform the jail of any address changes.

When money is deposited on an inmates account, if there is any outstanding debt it will be applied to the debt until it is paid off. If the inmate does not have any outstanding debt it will go to their commissary account. Inmates that have debt can still have family members order telephone cards, personal hygiene items, and stationary through jailatm.com.


Payments should be sent to:

Utah County Jail
Attn: Jail Accounting
3075 North Main Street
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660

Payment methods accepted: Cash, money orders, cashiers checks, credit cards (payments processed with a credit card must be in person at the jail - a 3% electronic payment fee will be added to credit card payments). Money orders and cashiers checks should be made out to Utah County Jail. No personal checks will be accepted. Payments cannot be made over the phone.

Payment plans are available to pay outstanding debts through regularly scheduled payments. Arrangements must be made by calling 801-851-4411.

Consequences of avoiding paying debts include: initial collection notification after first 30 days, follow-up collection notification after 60 days, final demand collection notification after 90 days and possible submission of account for legal action. Any account that is past due is subject to tax garnishment.